Little Ponderosa Worm Ranch

I've got worms!

Red Wigglers- Eisenia Foetida 
These are the most common composting worms in the world. They have 4-8 offspring per week under ideal conditions. Also commonly known as redworm and tiger worm, these little guys can tolerate a wide variety of environmental conditions. These are excellent panfish baits. 

Louisiana Swamp Worms- Dendrobaena Veneta
This species of worm is very similar to a red wiggler, but there are some important differences. They are a little tougher, stay on your hook better, and emit an odor that drives fish wild. They look like a bigger, non striped version of a red wiggler. Note that this species has been commonly misnamed as a european nightcrawler(eisenia hortensis). The Louisiana Swamp Worm is not a european nightcrawler! They fall in size between a red wiggler and european nightcrawler. These are not large worms, but the fish don't care. I've caught countless huge catfish on these baits. You raise these guys exactly like redworms, and when stocked at a high density, they breed just as fast, if not faster, than red red wigglers. You raise these worms in the same manner as red wigglers and they also make a great composting worm. Here's a video that goes into detail regarding the scientific name of this species.