Little Ponderosa Worm Ranch

I've got worms!

Unfortunately, the worm farm industry has been plagued by scammers for years. Many of these unscrupulous sellers rely on the lack of knowledge from new customers that are purchasing their worms. Here are the two most common scams to be aware of:

Shorting on weight: A customer orders one pound of worms, and the seller only sends them a half pound. The seller's excuse is that worms lose weight is shipping. While it is true that worms do lose a small amount of weight in the shipping process, they do not lose half their weight. If your order is half the weight of what you paid for, then you have been scammed. As a business owner, I could never imagine treating my customers this way. 

Blue Worms(Perionyx Excavatus) masquerading as red wigglers: A customer orders what the website claims are red wigglers. They notice in their order that some of the worms are very skinny and have a pointed tail. These worms have a flush clitellum, have a bluish sheen, and move like an inchworm. These worms are too skinny and brittle to make good bait. They are also terrible for a vermicomposter, because they overpopulate and drive the red wigglers out, crawl out of the bin for no reason, and die in colder temperatures. Trying to pass off blue worms as red wigglers is wrong, which is why I have taken extreme care to make sure that my cultures are redworms and nothing else.