Little Ponderosa Worm Ranch

I've got worms!


Little Ponderosa Worm Ranch worms are guaranteed for live delivery. We may delay shipments if the weather conditions are extremely hot or cold. Bulk worms ship every monday and tuesday to ensure live delivery. Doing so prevents the worms from sitting in a postal depot over the weekened. 
If your worms do not arrive live, YOU MUST REPORT DEAD WORMS WITHIN 8 hours AFTER ACCEPTING YOUR SHIPMENT. You must also take a photo and email the evidence of your dead shipment. Dead shipments not reported within 8 hours will not be reshipped.


For the Live Guarantee to be valid, please make sure that someone is at your address to receive the delivery. If nobody will be available to accept the worms, please let us know via the checkout process or email and we will write "HOLD AT POST OFFICE FOR CUSTOMER PICKUP" on the outside of your box. We will guarantee the worms for 24 hours when held at the Post Office allowing you plenty of time to pick up your worms. Failure to accept the worms on the first delivery, leaving the box in a hot or cold mailbox or porch, or failure to pick up the worms within 24 hours at the post office will void the Live Arrival Guarantee.