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Louisiana Swamp Worms 500 Count


Scientific Name: Dendrobaena Veneta

Note that this worm is not a european nightcrawler! This scientific name has been used for many years to unnacurately name the European Nightcrawler, Eisenia Hortensis.

The Louisiana Swamp worm is a variation of the redworm. It's a little tougher worm, stays on your hook better, and has a strong odor that drives fish wild. This worm grows to a slightly larger size than a red wiggler, but is smaller than a european nightcrawler. These are very prolific breeders.

These worms are sold as bed run, so you will get a variety of sizes- adults, babies, and possibly some coccoons. 

Note that these worms are hand counted instead of weighed like my bulk orders. This is a great opportunity to give this variety of worm a try. 

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