Little Ponderosa Worm Ranch

I've got worms!

My name is Jesse Tolliver, and I started raising red wigglers 5 years ago as a hobby to support my fishing addiction. Being an avid angler with a boat on Lake Wylie, SC, I got tired of paying retail prices for redworms. I'm a panfishing addict, and a school of white perch, or a bunch of bedding bream, can make bait at retail prices seem like it does not make any financial sense. So I ordered my first batch of red wigglers, and started raising them in plastic totes. I made several mistakes along the way, but have figured out how to effectively breed large quantities of redworms cheaply. I no longer go broke buying bait, and I can teach you how to do this as well. 

Over the years, i've ordered from many different suppliers and noticed problems in quality. Either the customer was getting shorted on the weight of the order, or he/she was getting tricked by receiving blue worms instead of redworms. Lack of moral ethics has been a plague in the worm industry, and as a Christian I wanted to offer good quality worms at a competitive price to my customers, while treating them honestly and fairly. I've built my operation to a large scale, in order order to supply the fast growing demand for quality bait and composting worms.